FairVote's Redistricting Roulette Wheel

FairVote and Matthew Pierce have developed an excellent tool demonstrating how redistricting can change political outcomes. Credit for the conception of the wheel goes to the Proportional Representation Society of Australia.

Imagine a town of 125 people, with 65 "circle" voters and 60 "square" voters. Simple decisions about where to draw the district lines can ensure that different voters are either represented, or shut out of representation...

Move your mouse over the buttons above the wheel and watch how the results change. Each button marks a different starting line for drawing districts of 25 people apiece (5 spokes of the circle). This means that the wheel will be divided into 5 different districts (with each color -- red, green, blue, pink & brown -- representing a different district).

left left left left middle-left left left left left left left

For FairVote's original implementation of the wheel, please click here.

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