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Prof. Justin Levitt's Doug Spencer's Guide to Drawing the Electoral Lines

About this site

All About Redistricting is a one-stop shop for information about the statewide redistricting process. The site reviews the substantive considerations that go into redistricting, the various entities and institutions involved in the process, and the rules, progress, and litigation in each state.

The site was founded by Justin Levitt in 2011 and filled an important gap for academics, journalists, and others interested in the process of drawing lines and operationalizing America’s representative democracy. A sample of Professor Levitt’s redistricting-related scholarship, public testimony, and advocacy is here.

The site is currently managed by Professor Doug Spencer at the University of Colorado Law School. Professor Spencer is an election law scholar whose research addresses the role of prejudice and racial attitudes in voting rights litigation and the ways that election rules and political campaigns contribute to growing inequality in America. A link to his scholarship is here.

Research assistance for the site is currently provided by Anna Khachatryan, Sophia Newhouse Brown, and Emma Quinn, who are second-year students at Loyola Law School.

Many people have contributed time and energy to this site. Professor Levitt thanks the GreenInfo Network (and, in an earlier iteration, Gabriel Estrada) for their web design expertise; the Ford Foundation and the Fair Representation in Redistricting Initiative for fiscal support; Jeff Wice and Brian Remlinger for minding the store while Prof. Levitt was on leave from 2015-2017; David Nir and Stephen Wolf for assistance in finding documents and updates; and Youstina Aziz, Hannah Bensen, Eddy Casas, Yuriye Choi, Evan Chait, Nairi Dulgarian, Brent Falso, Geoff Gallegos, Kristy Hamer, Eda Harotounian, Sam Hauser, Ben Jones, Daniel Overstreet, Darshan Patel, Robbie Quan, Sara Rohani, Renate Strause, Thomas Tai, Robert Vaghini, and Jennifer Yi for their exceptional research assistance in prior years.

If you have updates or feedback, please contact to reach the site administrators.