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Washington | Process

Wash. Coalition for Open Gov’t v. Washington

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022
Case No. 21-2-02069-34 (Wash. Super. Ct., Thurston Cnty.)
Cycle 2020

Case Information

A state court challenge seeking a declaration that the Washington State Redistricting Commission violated the state’s public meetings law by allegedly conferring privately on Nov. 15, 2021 — the final day under the state constitution for the commission to approve redistricting plans — and seeking to void any votes taken in contravention of open meetings requirements.

On Mar. 4, 2022, the court entered a consent decree, and after the action under the decree had been taken, dismissed the case.


Case filings, starting with most recent court
    Name Last Modified
Document icon Complaint Dec 10, 2021
Document icon Consent decree Mar 4, 2022
Document icon Satisfaction of judgment May 17, 2022
Order dismissing case [Document not yet available] Jun 29, 2022

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