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Fischer v. Grimes

Last Updated Apr 26, 2012
Case No. 12-CI-00109 (Ky. Cir. Ct., Franklin Cnty.), Nos. 2012-CA-0264 & 2012-CA-0266 (Ky. Ct. App.), Nos. 2012-SC-0091 & 2012-SC-0092 (Ky. Sup. Ct.)
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A state court action challenging the state legislative districts, based on alleged violations of equal population, partisan gerrymandering, and several state constitutional grounds, including unnecessary division of county lines.

On Feb. 7, 2012, the court granted a temporary injunction, finding that both state House and state Senate plans violated equal population guarantees and unnecessarily divided counties, and further raising potential concerns about the plan’s contiguity and its deferral of some voters’ right to choose a representative based on a transition to a Senate district with an election in 2014 rather than 2012. The court decided that the 2002 plan would govern until the legislature redrew state legislative lines and extended the filing deadline for state legislative races to Feb. 10, 2012.

The court’s decision was appealed to the state Supreme Court, which affirmed on Feb. 24, 2012.


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