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Gutierrez v. Abbott

Last Updated Oct 4, 2022
Case No. 1:21-cv-00769 (W. D. Tex.)
Cycle 2020

Case Information

A federal challenge to malapportioned state legislative maps, based on the failure of the political branches to enact new plans by the state’s constitutional deadline.  The state constitution requires state legislative districts to be drawn at the legislature’s first regular session after the publication of census data, and with census delays, that session did not begin until January 2023.

On Oct. 4, 2022, on the plaintiffs’ request for a voluntary dismissal, the case was dismissed.


Case filings, starting with most recent court
    Name Last Modified
Document icon Complaint Sep 1, 2021
Document icon Motion for prelim. injunction (incl. decl.) Sep 13, 2021
Document icon Response Sep 28, 2021
Document icon Reply Oct 5, 2021
Document icon Motion to dismiss Sep 15, 2021
Document icon Response Sep 29, 2021
Document icon Reply Oct 8, 2021
Document icon Stay Apr 28, 2022
Document icon Motion for voluntary dismissal Sep 30, 2022
Highlighted document Document icon Order dismissing case Oct 4, 2022

Map | Challenged state Senate map

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Map | Challenged state House map

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