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Miller v. Thurston I

Last Updated Jul 23, 2020
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No. 5:20-cv-05070 (W.D. Ark.), No. 20-2095 (8th Cir.)

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A federal court challenge by proponents of a redistricting initiative to the deadline and signature threshold for initiatives, and the requirement to sign and/or notarize documents in person, in light of COVID-19.

On 5/25/20, the trial court preliminarily enjoined Arkansas’ requirement that petitioners sign in the presence of a canvasser, and the requirement for canvassers to notarize signature pages, but declined to require the state to accept e-signatures or to modify signature thresholds.  On  7/23/20, the court of appeals reversed, finding no constitutional burden for the notarization requirement, and only a limited burden for the requirement to sign in the presence of a canvasser.


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