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2000-cycle districts: Congress, State Senate, State Assembly
Primary governing law: Wis. Const. art. IV, §§ 3-5

The Latest

Congress: On July 20, the state Assembly passed SB 149, which was signed on August 9. State and federal legal challenges to the plan were both rejected, though only the federal challenges were rejected on the merits.

State leg.: On July 20, the state Assembly passed SB 148, which was signed on August 9. On March 22, a federal court struck two Assembly districts under the Voting Rights Act, and rejected other federal claims; the court adopted a remedial plan for those two districts on April 11. Litigation over the plan's application to recall elections before November 2012 was eventually dismissed on procedural grounds. Litigation claiming that the state Assembly lines amount to an alleged partisan gerrymander continues.

Further information about both state legislative and congressional plans is here.

Because state districts must follow municipal ward lines where possible, redistricting usually occurs after ward lines are redrawn. This year, with an aggressive schedule to draw state districts (though activity had not been scheduled to resume before September, the legislature reconvened in extraordinary session on July 19 and passed both maps by July 20), the legislature also passed legislation to ask municipalities to redraw ward lines after state districts are drawn.

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