Where the lines are drawn - state legislative districts

The table below shows the different critera that redistricting bodies in the 2010 redistricting cycle will consider when they draw state legislative lines.

In most states, these standards must be followed only as closely "as is practicable," leaving substantial flexibility to the redistricting body. And in every state, these standards are always subordinate to federal equal population limits and to the federal Voting Rights Act.

The column headers are sortable: just click on the header to sort the data. Boldface indicates constitutional requirements, normal typeface indicates rules in state statute, and italics indicates rules in some form of advisory state guidance. A blank space indicates that the state does not have a particular rule on the issue in question, at least as far as I am aware. More information is available in the writeup for each state -- just click on the state's name.

State Maintain Equal Population Draw Compact Districts Follow Political Boundaries Preserve Communities
of Interest
Undue Favoritism
Alabama Yes Yes County Yes
Alaska Yes Yes Local government Yes
Arizona Yes Yes City, town, county Yes Favor competitive districts
Arkansas Yes County
California Yes Yes (population) City, county, neighborhood Yes Candidate or party
Colorado 5% total deviation Yes County, city, town Yes
Connecticut Yes Town
Delaware Yes Person or party
Florida Yes Yes Yes Party or incumbent
Georgia Yes Yes County, precinct Yes
Hawaii Yes Yes Yes Person or political faction
Idaho Yes Yes County Yes Party or incumbent
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana Yes
Iowa 1% average deviation, 5% total deviation Yes County, city Party, incumbent, other
Kansas Yes Yes County Yes
Kentucky Yes County
Louisiana Yes Yes
Maine Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maryland Yes Yes Yes
Massachusetts Yes County, town, city
Michigan Yes Yes County, city, township
Minnesota Yes Yes
Mississippi Yes Yes County, election district
Missouri Yes Yes County
Montana 3% deviation Yes Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes Yes County Party, group, person
Nevada Yes
New Hampshire Yes Town, ward, unincorporated place
New Jersey Yes Yes Municipality
New Mexico Yes Yes Yes Yes
New York Yes Yes County
North Carolina Yes Yes County Yes
North Dakota Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes County, township, municipality, ward
Oklahoma 3% deviation Yes Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes Yes Party, incumbent, other person
Pennsylvania Yes Yes County, city, town, township, ward
Rhode Island Yes Yes Yes Right to fair representation Right to fair representation
South Carolina Yes Yes Municipal, county, voting precinct Yes
South Dakota Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tennessee Yes County
Texas Yes County
Utah 4% deviation Yes
Vermont Yes Yes County Yes
Virginia 2% deviation Yes Yes
Washington Yes Yes County, municipality Yes Party or group, encourage competition
West Virginia Yes Yes County Yes
Wisconsin Yes Yes County, precinct, town, ward Yes
Wyoming Yes Yes County Yes

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